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Only 1% of the planet's water is available for human use.
Even though water is a renewable natural resource, it is getting scarce due to human intervention.

For this reason, from my tiny space-time spot I decide to use art as an alternative way, more sensitive than others, to change our relationship with nature and environment. It is all about using art tools to become aware and get in contact with nature in a wiser, more responsible and respectful way.
The challenge is to appeal to thousands of people who understand the issue water is presenting to us, to join the making of this work of art which consists of treasuring samples of running water presently being used and labeling them with the name of the participant, the place and date when the sample was taken.
In 20, 50 or 100 years, when water will be more scarce than at present, this universe of primitive samples, just like primitive daguerreotypes, will enable our descendants to know the water each participant used to drink. I am moved just with the thought of it.

The intention of the project is to give people the chance to be in contact with water form different times and places so that each drop is given the value it deserves. Placing this value occurs internally during the viewing of each sample as we discover who took it, where and when it was taken.