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Aqua Planetae – Carlos Montani

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Only 1% of the planet’s water is available for human use.
Even though water is a nenewable natural resourse, it is getting scarse due to human intervention.

For this reason, from my tiny space-time spot I decide to use art as an alternative way, more sensitive than others, to change our relationship with nature and environment. It is all about using art tools to become aware and get in contact with nature in a wiser, more responsible and respectful way.
That is why I have worked on “Huellas de agua”, “Huellas de carbono”, aggression towards environment in “Tierra intervenida = Mundo” and is now time to start a project with no temporal nor geographical horizon.

The challenge is to appeal to thousands of people who understand the issue water is presenting to us, to join the making of this work of art which consists of treasuring samples of running water presently being used and labelling them with the name of the participant, the place and date when the sample was taken.

In 20, 50 or 100 years, when water will be more scarse than at present, this universe of primitive samples, just like primiitve daguerrotypes, will enable our descendants to know the water each participant used to drink. I am moved just with the thought of it.

As art, the intention of the project is to give people the chance to be in contact with water form different times and places so that each drop is given the value it deserves. Placing this value occurs internally during the viewing of each sample as we discover who took it, where and when it was taken.

As a constructive event, the samples will be shown in sterilised 100 cm3 glass bottles in neutrally lit columns with their corresponding identification.
The number of columns will vary according to the number of samples taken but will always mantain its aseptic quality a treasure of this kind deserves.

The recollection stage and the transportation of the samples is an issue, that is why it is thought that “Ambassadors” be strategic partners of the work of art. They will center the diffusion and recollection of samples that will then be bottled and identified as well as taken care of their conservation through time.

Promotion and diffusion
The work of art is thought so that the Ambassadors be companies or institutions engaged with sustainablility and/or environmental porblems or specific water issues so they can use this work for their incompany or eternal communication needs.
Even though the samples are property of the artist, Ambasssadors will be able to exhibit the piece made up of all the samples they had collected over a six months period from the beginning of the project, at the completion of which it should be returned to the artist for its storage.

It’s intended that Ambassadors can use the work of art, be it the one made with their own samples or with more samples, for different artistic/ cultural events with prior consent of the artist.

It is the artist’s right to exhibit the work of art in part or fully in artistic/ cultural events or for promotion at his discretion, having to ask for permission only in case he needs the samples in possession of the Ambassadors during the six months period from the beginning of the project.

Scalability of the project
As mentioned above, this work of art has no time or geographical horizon, so that scalability is an intrinsic property of the piece.

The geographical growth of the work of art will be generated by one of the following:

  • Incorporation of new Ambassadors within the same country
  • Incorporation of new Ambassador branches, i.e. other companies or instiuttions that belong to the same group or have a strong tie with it but are in a different country.
  • Incorporation of new ambassadors of any origin that have been presented to this project.

The temporal growth of the work will be generated by any of the following:

  • As new Ambassadors enter the project they will be automatically extending its duration.
Ambassadors that have already participated can do so agoin and therefore they would be extending the project.
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