16 de Febrero 2015

Agradecimiento del Papa Francisco - Carta desde Roma


February 16, 2015

Thank letter from Pope Francis

Dear Mr Montani,
On behalf of the Secretary of State, I inform you that your message dated June 3rd2014 on Aqua Planetae, was passed on to His Holiness Pope Francis, who has asked us to thank you on your work destined to cooperate with taking care of creation through the element "water" with the main aim you stated "awakening minds and hearts of people to transform our relationship with nature, especially with water which does not discriminate beliefs, culture, ethnics or gender".
Our Holy Father has learned about your precious work and thankfully imparts his apostolic blessing on you.
I take advantage of the occasion to show you my consideration and steem.
Father Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot